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Sunday, January 20, 2019

I'll Get Along

Sundays here on the Buzzyblog I usually try to do something semi-spiritual or religious oriented.  I thought today that I might try and weave in something about St. Michaels and the Ridge American Legion having their little fall out over the Queen of Hearts.  The gist would have been something about the Church, gambling, greed, the American way and how they all intersect in a sad, karma kind of way.  (That the fall out ironically involved a Queen, guess you could say that a woman's to blame right?!)

But honestly, post cold, gray skies and feeling blue and all, I'm just not up to all that churn and burn today. 

Instead, I will keep it simple and pass along a sample of  similar conversations I have had with a woman or two over the years:   

A Mutual Service
He: “I am very unfortunate; it seems I can please nobody.”
She: “Come, cheer up; I have no one to admire me either.”
He: “Tell you what. Let’s found a society for mutual admiration. I, for instance, admire your beautiful eyes, and what do you admire in me?”
She: “Your good taste.”  (Farmers Almanac.)

Need an upbeat song to get me going:

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