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Monday, January 21, 2019

Crystal T-V Ball

My Grandfather Harry was a conspiracist long before it became a popular pursuit. In fact, whenever I hear reference made to landing a man on the moon, I can hear Harry saying that it was staged and that it didn't really happen.  (That Harry enjoyed watching wrestling, it also reminds me of the joke "Why is that the people who say we did not land on the moon are the very ones who think that wrestling is real?") 

World Series time was also another occasion for Harry to throw out his "It's rigged" theory. He would often note "The T-V people want it to go 7 games so it will."   I'm no Bill James but I think I could make a case for Harry's 7 game theory as follows:

Out of the 115 World Series that have been played since 1903, only 37 have gone 7 games.  That's approximately one 7 game series every 3 years.  However, if you look at World Series games played before 1947 when T-V became a factor, only 10 out of those first 44 went 7 games for a ratio of 1 every 4 years.   That 27 seven game Series have occurred in the next 71 years of televised games equates to 1 every 2 1/2 years  (click here.)  

I thought of my Grandfather yesterday morning when I saw the following written about the NFL Championship games: "CBS is broadcasting this year's Super Bowl and wants LA and Boston for ratings.  That's who is going to win today even though they are both the underdog."  Well, after watching both of yesterday's games, I thought I heard Harry somewhere saying "I told you so."  Read the following from a sports blog post this morning:


While I am not completely sold on all this conspiracy theory, if the Patriots do win this year's Super Bowl in OT.....

Haven't played any Dead in awhile so check out their ode to gambling from a 1989 concert of theirs':

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