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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Cold Cures? I Tried Everything But Buildng a Wall

Having just gotten over or thru a cold that has been kicking my butt for a couple of weeks, I'm fairly certain that the course of the cold did not coincide with the Government shutdown.  First off, my cold did not last 35 days although it sure felt like it did.  Furthermore, to all you Trumpsters out there, no, I am not blaming him in any way for my malady.  He's made me sick to my stomach in many other ways but my cold is/was not on him.

In treating my cold however I resorted to every known cure save for the obvious one of going to see a Doctor.  Fast learner that I am though, I now have a lessons learned Note To Self that reads "When you feel a cold coming on, do not pass Go, but do go immediately to the Doctor."

This time around, I went to CVS and stocked up on all the OTC crap that I don't really think did anything for me.  In fact, it may have been counterproductive.  For instance, I had a runny nose but was taking a decongestion before it dawned on me that maybe what I really needed was something make me congested.   (See this is why I should go to a Doctor.)

Semi-desperate, I even consulted the trusty Old Farmers Almanac which had this advice:
Again I don't think any of these tips did anything.  For example I drank so much rose hip tea during my illness that every time I went to the bathroom I braced myself in fear that I would either pee a petal or crap a thorn.

I even resorted to the Buzzy cold remedy of taking a couple shots of Black Velvet.  Quite a few folks have this as their cold remedy.  However, remember that these are folks who like to drink and tend to regard alcohol as the remedy to any and all of their problems!  That said, I did find several articles that tended to confirm the benefits of a toddy for the body when the cold bug does bite you  (click here.)

Bottom line I recall hearing someone once say that in treating a cold you had two options.  1) You aggressively treat it by taking all sorts of medications and it would take you 3 days to beat it.  Or 2) You could do nothing and it would take you 3 days to beat it.  Right now I'm not too sure which is best.

This is Greg Rolie singing and I know you will immediately recognize his voice if not his name.  This particular song has been running thru my mind quite a lot as I tried fending off my cold:

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