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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Happy Birthday Sonny!

Buzzy Car Show today.  However, one of my inner circle buddies won't be in attendance because he is out in Oakland, California helping Sonny celebrate his 80th birthday.

Sonny in this case is not the much younger Sonny Forrest we all know and love.  Birthday Sonny is the legendary Sonny Barger who in 1957 co-founded the Hells Angels in Oakland (click here.)

Several years ago soon after my friend had joined the Angels, he informed me that he had flown out West one weekend to meet Sonny.  In a moment of smart assery, and because I couldn't believe that Sonny was still around,  I asked my buddy if Sonny still had any teeth.  (I figured that Sonny must have been at least 90 some years old at the time.)  My buddy assured me that while Sonny did have some vocalization issues resulting from throat cancer, he still had teeth, had a good looking, much younger wife and was still getting it done.

Well, today my buddy is out there in California helping Sonny celebrate turning 80.  (If you are wondering why I am not fully identifying my friend it's because the Angels are careful wrt to  publicity.  Check out this recent Baynet article on our local HA Charter, of which my buddy is a member, and how they made a nice donation to Hospice.  The article also discusses how the Angels have become litigious in cases involving infringement of their brand.  The ensuing comments and discussion in the article are also worth reading.)

My first awareness of the Hells Angels came from reading Hunter Thompson's 1965 book on them.  Thompson wrote the book about his time spent hanging out with Sonny and the Angels before getting his ass stomped by them.  The following video is Thompson's meeting with an Angel discussing their interactions:  (Wonder how this discussion of beating your wife would go over today?!) 

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