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Monday, October 8, 2018

Buzzy Car Show Thru the Years

Some photos from previous Buzzy Car Shows:
Bobby, Marcia and Dickie With His 34 Chevy Coupe (Bushmill Band Playing on Porch) 2009

Butch Wood's Chevelle - 2009 (Flagpole Ready to Be Installed)
PJ Forrest At the 2010 Car Show (And You Know the Rest of the Story)

Below had onlookers Billy Raley, Kay Carter, Joe Owens, Jimmy Cullison or Bob Williams asked Bobby Cook to move over, this would have been a much better photo of John Carbone and his Model T at the 2011 Car Show.  Right, here I am blaming them for my screw up.  You can attribute it to the hidden Trump in me.

Buzzy Air Show? 2013
2013 Bird's Eye View Thanks to Helo Pilot Sandy

Red (LP), White (Ray Gagnon), and Blue (Ronnie Langley) 2014

King Demon Et Al (Note Capt. Jerry Norris in Background) 2017
Robbie Delivering the Bartmobile - 2017

This Beatles tune always runs thru my head whenever I'm at a party or somewhere and folks are enjoying themselves and having a good time.  

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