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Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Matter of Degrees

Someone in Buzzy's Country Store was discussing a relative who had second degree burns from an accident.  I wasn't sure if that was bad bad or not so bad.  In the case of burns, the hierarchy goes up from one meaning a first degree burn is not so bad..  Check this explanation out on burn degrees (click here.)  There may be some medical trend in this area because I've heard ankle sprains classified as first, second and third degree with the third type being the worst.  I learned about this when I broke my ankle a couple years ago.  I guess you could say it was a first degree fracture.

In general though, for most categories, first degree is usually considered the bad boy.  For instance, crimes are earmarked by degrees.  First degree crimes such as murder, assault and robbery are deemed much more serious than are second and third degree offenses. 

For the military, their DEFCON status indicates just how serious a given threat may be.  In their hierarchy DEFCON 5 is the lowest continuing up to  DEFCON 1 which is the most serious.  (If you are like me and need assistance in remembering crap like this, think of the numeral one as looking like a rocket that is about to be launched.) 

And just to really confound the issue, we have hurricane categorizations that go in the other direction.  Their rank order of severity, has a Cat 1 denoting a hurricane with 74-95 MPH winds up to a CAT 5 where the winds clock in at 155 + MPH.

Seems like there should be some consistency in all this doesn't it?  Then again, I'm guilty of applying logic to an illogical world.

Speaking of guilty...….

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