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Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Season Has Begun

I'm not talking NFL either; I'm talking the Political Season as in the less-than-60 days lead up to the November 6 elections.  

As usual, the candidates running for various offices will be everywhere glad handing and slapping you on some part of your body to try and ingratiate themselves so you, in turn, will vote for them.  Like those swallows returning to San Juan (thinking of you Tom) the incumbents return to Buzzy's Country Store every 4 years like clockwork for visits, bon homie and in some cases to get their fair share of abuse.  After the election, very few of them will make any return visits to Buzzy's until the next election cycle.

As per Buzzy's way of dealing with these politicos, I allow any and all candidates to come into the Store and pester my Buzzy friends and visitors for their vote.  The candidates that I don't particularly care for I treat like I treat my ex-wife, I'm civil to them but don't interact with them anymore than I have to.

Of course my favorite candidates are the ones who will put some money on the counter and instruct me to buy a round for everyone in the Store.  These are the candidates I respect because they know how to politic.

One deviation this election year from the Buzzy approach to dealing with politicians is that I am not allowing any of them to place signs out in front of the Store.  I even had to say no to Cousin Tim Ridgell.  

But that leads me to this little plug for those of you out and about today to drop into Tim's Pig Barbecue being held at the Brass Rail from 1 to 5 pm.
Check out this dumb but fun video of bad political song parodies:

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