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Thursday, September 13, 2018

New Car

Kim Wiley gave me a copy of the above invoice showing a new car that her Mom purchased in 1950 for $1,840.62.  Couple things about the invoice caught my eye.

First off, the dealer Kenyon-Peck "Arlington's Own" made me wonder if they are still around.  They are not.  I found this 2005 write up on the backgrounds and history of Bob Peck and his partner Lawrence Kenyon (click here.)
They split as partners before Mr. Peck closed the business in 2005.  As for the building, looks like it is now a Walgrens.
Too, I found this commercial for Peck Chevrolet.

A second item I noticed on the invoice involved Optional Equipment that was included in the price.  Note that at approximately $69 each, the optional Air Conditioning cost the same as did the Manual Radio.  (They must have liked the $69 price tag because that is also what the Transportation Charges on the invoice were listed as.)

As to why the Optional Oil Filter @ $18.37 was so expensive back then was another matter though.

Seems that oil filter systems were in their early stages of development back in the 50's.  Like any new technology, initial costs were high.  Because these filters were included in a canister and were advertised as money/time saving devices they were priced accordingly.  (For all you ever wanted to know about the development of oil filters (click here.)

And if you do not recognize what the option Fendix is or was, one of my Buzzy car buffs informed me that it was the forerunner of what we call undercoating today.  (I was unsuccessful in Googling Fendix to find anything on it, so I will take my friend's word for it.)  However, I was more successful in my internet travels finding these photos of what a 1950 Styleline Chevy looked like:
Guess You Could Say That Eloise Was Styling

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