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Monday, September 10, 2018

Just Ask the Weathermen

Nothing like an approaching hurricane to get the juices (or something) flowing.  Folks love to talk about the weather in general but let something like a hurricane spool up and it's really on then. Suddenly everybody is Phil the Weatherman.

Too, with all of the long range forecasts now available, the hurricane hoopla begins several days in advance as folks ponder just when and where the storm is going to make landfall.  Lots of talk involves what the various weather/spaghetti models are predicting.  

Here is a clip I made last Tuesday when Florence first started making her move.  The European Model is in red and the American one is in blue.  
Both models showed Florence hanging a right and shanking off into the Atlantic.  Looks like they both got that incorrect back then because instead of curving out to sea, Florence is now set to hit the Carolinas somewhere.  

However, among my Buzzy-would-be-Jim Cantores there is a general consensus that the European weather model is overall better than the American Model when it comes to forecasting.  

As to whether or not the European one actually is better than the U.S. one, a quick Google review does seem to verify that the Europeans are kicking our butts when it comes to weather forecasting (click here for one article confirming this and suggesting reasons why this is the case.  Hint - as with most things it's all about $.)  

Should the hurricane forecasts start to threaten our immediate area, the conversations in Buzzy's then turn to preparing for it.  One of the better prep-stories I overheard in Buzzy's involved an individual stating that he puts his chainsaw in his truck so if a tree just happens to fall over in front of him as he is driving somewhere, all he has to do is jump out and saw up the tree to clear the road of it so he can continue on his way.  How's that for contingency planning country boy style?  Here is a list of preparations for a hurricane and note that putting a chainsaw in your vehicle is not one of them (click here.)

Since Delbert started playing in the above clip, here he is with the whole enchilada below.  (Enchilada reminds me of the Mexican weather forecast "Chilli today and hot tamale.")

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