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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Great Storm of 1933 Pt. 2

The other day in Buzzy's Country Store amidst all the talk of hurricanes and their impacts on the lower end of the County, David Norris remarked "I remember my grandfather talking about some hurricane where this whole lower end was flooded out from the Scotland Post Office on down."  Sounding like the old fart that I am, I noted to David that his Granddad Ekas (Tennyson) was referring to the Storm of 1933. (They did not start naming hurricanes until 1953.)  

I then went looking for my copy of Mr. Clarence Bradburn's book that has a chapter in it titled The Great Storm of 1933.  I have previously discussed this and even included a copy of Mr. Bradburn's chapter on The Great Storm here on the Buzzyblog  (click here.)

Today with all of the focus on Hurricane Florence, I did a little more digging on The Great Storm of 33 and learned that it is officially referred to as the 1933 Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane.    In this Wiki article, the impacts of the 33 Storm on Maryland are discussed as follows:

The statement "The storm damaged or destroyed several hotels in the region."  One of these hotels was the original Scotland Beach Hotel built by Thomas Ridgell.
Other hurricanes such as Hazel, Agnes, Donna and more recently Ernesto have similarly wrecked a lot of havoc in our neck of the woods.  However, it seems that The Great Storm of 1933 still remains our 100 year storm of note.   Guess we have another 15 years or so before a repeat is due.  Still, we need to prepare for Florence.

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