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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Flight 93

Of all the 9/11 stories and remembrances, it still seems to me that Flight 93 and its 40 passengers don't get the attention that they should.  These were the folks who stormed the plane's cabin, caused the terrorists to crash the plane out in Western Pennsylvania and thereby stopped the plane from crashing into the Capitol as the terrorists had originally planned. 

A full length movie was made about the incident and can be viewed here.  However, I also found a documentary that was made from actual phone conversations and tape recordings on the plane before and during the crash (click here.)   Watching either or both of these videos is pretty intense as it brings up all of the churn and b.s. that 9/11 generated.  In many ways, 17 years later, we still haven't put all that behind us have we?

A memorial site commemorating just where Flight 93 crashed was dedicated this past Sunday in Shanksville, Pa.. 

On the positive side of 9/11, today is David "Clutch" Raley's birthday and he plans to be at Buzzy's Country Store to celebrate it.  Drop by later on and wish him a good one.

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