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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Buzzy Homecoming

As I have noted several times before, one of the more pleasant surprises of taking over Buzzy's Country Store has been reconnecting with all of my old (guess I need to be careful using that word from now on) running mates.  Since I am at the Store everyday, they drop in and we can stay in touch.  That wouldn't otherwise have happened were I spending my retirement hours sitting home doing crossword puzzles and watching T-V.
TK Catching Up With Robbie and Jimmy
But another pleasant byproduct of running the Store is seeing Buzzy's act as a de-facto homecoming place where folks from out of town (or those not in the immediate area such as TK above) can drop into the Store and catch up on things.  This past week for example I had several cases where visitors came into Buzzy's and it was a homecoming of sorts for them.  

Several friends from Florida dropped in to catch up and enjoy some camaraderie Buzzy-style.  Another visitor from Michigan was here doing a Back-To-My-Roots visit.  A couple from Arizona were back here to take care of some messy (aren't they all?) family-related matters and they too dropped in Buzzy's to reminisce and to catch up.

These homecoming visits are fun to watch because while the visitors are in Buzzy's they run into old friends and acquaintances and the catching up commences.  "I remember when....." is said a lot as is "You had that (fill in the blank vehicle.)"  Relatives and friends are discussed and updates on their whereabouts or doings are relayed.  Laughter and jokes are exchanged along with some expressions of disbelief when some tidbit is trotted out such as "Remember Brother Billy?  You would never believe it but he became a Mormon and moved to Utah."

Me & Steve
Inevitably, somewhere along the line there will be a downturn in the conversation when some relative is asked about and the info relayed is that that person has passed away.  A couple of been-away-visitors have asked me how my younger brother Steve is doing and it always pains me to have to tell them that he is no longer on this side of the dirt.   Sometimes it chokes me up and I have to excuse myself to get a drink or just regroup as I don't want their good feelings brought down by seeing me cry some.

But overall though, these catching up sessions are upbeat and fun exchanges as visitors are quickly made to feel right at home at Buzzy's.  Someone told me the other day "Thanks for keeping Buzzy's open so folks like me can come in here and be made to feel like some things in the County have not changed."  Now that's a nice compliment.

I have played Bon Jovi's Who Says You Can't Go Home a couple times previously here on the Buzzyblog and that's a great song for what I'm trying to say above.  However, here is one from Alabama that also discusses what home is really all about and why you should make a point of visiting there as often as you can.

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