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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Zimbabwe Election

Buzzy once told me, as he was looking at the World News section of a newspaper, that he enjoyed reading about current affairs of places he had visited in his travels.  "A place I otherwise wouldn't have known or given a damn about, now I can now read and appreciate what's going on there."

This came back to me the other day when I saw in the news that Zimbabwe, Africa was holding its first election since they got rid of their long time rip off of a leader 94 year old Robert Mugabe (click here.)   The election was held this past Monday but they are still counting the votes to see who won.  Mugabe was famous for holding crooked elections that he always won so naturally folks are watching this one very closely.


Harare is the capitol of Zimbabwe and when we were there we spent some time roaming around its streets.
Buzzy in Downtown Harare - You Shouldn't Have a Problem Picking Him Out
The only reason to visit Zimbabwe is to take in Victoria Falls which truly is spectacular.  I say this even though we were there during the dry season when the falls were not at their full strength.  However, even "dry", the Falls were impressive:
We stayed at the Victoria Falls Hotel where our rooms had canopy beds complete with mosquito nets. 

At breakfast the first morning of our visit, one of our co-tourists, a lady who enjoyed tweaking Buzzy, asked him if he had ever slept in a canopy bed before. Without hesitating Buzzy said "What are talking about?  I grew up sleeping in a canopy bed." The lady asked "Really? I thought you were a country boy." Buzzy said "I am.  We had an outhouse and because I didn't want to go outside at night to use it, I kept a can under the bed when I had to go.  It was my can of pee bed."  The lady didn't know how to respond to that.

In the postcard above, check out the photo in the upper left corner showing the bridge from Zimbabwe to Zambia.  Following our tour of the falls on the Zimbabwe side, we then visited the Zambia side.  

While we were at the bridge we watched the bungee jumpers.  If you look very closely at my photo here you can see a jumper dangling there in the middle.  Too I found a video below that gives you some idea of what that experience is like.  Buzzy summed it up best as we watched folks jumping off the bridge "You got to be crazy to do that." 

As for the Monday's election, the results have not yet been announced but it appears that Mugabe's successor somehow managed to win it (click here.)  Wonder if the Russians played any role in that.

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