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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wynne Road - Beware

Speaking of car wrecks (previous post), I saw this article on The Baynet about a Monday morning car crash on Wynne Road.  The Trump in me came out as I immediately made it all about me and thought "Holy hell, that could have been me!"

Why, you may wonder, did I personalize this?  Well, just this past Saturday evening Pam and I had dinner at Joe and Cindy Salvo's Sunset Cove Restaurant and then listened to Gary Rue and the Smoke Creek Rounders play some music.

Afterwards, as we were heading back out Wynne Road, an oncoming car came speeding around the curve just above the turn off to Sunset Cove.  Fortunately, I was on my side of the road and paying attention but still, at the rate of speed of the oncoming car, it scared the shit outta me.  Whomever was driving was going way too fast and had they veered over even a little into my lane there was no way I could have avoided a head on with them.  No harm, no foul I guess, but when I heard and read about another accident on Wynne Rd. I couldn't help but recall my near-miss just a few days previously.

I say "another" accident on Wynne Road because it sure seems like there have been an unusual number of them on Wynne.  Collisions, fender benders, numerous ditch incidents and even a fatality or two have all went down on Wynne Road at all hours of the day and night.  This  includes all those "A deer caused me to run off the road" excuses too.  For some reason(s) Wynne has become a very, very dangerous road to traverse.

Bottom line - to all of my Buzzy friends who travel Wynne Road, please take it easy and try to stay safe.  To those of you who do so when you really shouldn't be driving at all (my Mom among others much younger but nowhere near as sober as she is) you may just want to avoid Wynne altogether.  It's an unforgiving and very mean road.  DBT know what I mean when I say mean.  (And please note that there are guitars-a-plenty in all of their songs (my previous posts earlier this week.)

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