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Friday, August 31, 2018

The Joy of Living

End of summer you say?  Well, not just yet.  The first couple weeks of September are always hot ones before the cooler temps roll in.  

Events-wise this weekend there is one in South County for you to put on your calendar.
Speaking of the end of something, the title of this William Saroyan's book has been running thru my mind a lot lately:
My Mom gave me this book as a Christmas present in 1972 and although torn and frayed, it has somehow managed to survive the rock n roll years with me.  It is a collection of short stories by Saroyan and whenever I try to discard it, I open it to see Mom's handwritten note on the flyleaf and just can't bring myself to toss it.  Plus, as I stated, the title is something that rolls around in my head frequently as I negotiate this fourth quarter of my personal Super Bowl here on planet Earth.

That Saroyan's birthday was today is how I came to think about him and this one book of his that I have on my shelf.  (Looks a little like Neal Siegel doesn't he?)

This great Steve Earle tune has nothing to do with any of the above but came to my mind for some unknown reason.  (Mention of his Mom in the first and fourth verses perhaps?)

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