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Monday, August 6, 2018

Buzzy's "Do Nothing"

My "Do Nothing" post yesterday reminded me of something related to Buzzy back when he was politicking. 

Following his stint as a County Commissioner from 1960 thru 1964, Buzzy continued to dabble in local politics by running for various offices.  During one campaign for office, he called and asked me to help him fill out a survey that he had received from some organization.  The survey was asking candidates for their positions on a number of subjects and what they planned to do about various problems and concerns. 

Buzzy instructed me "What I'd really like to put down as an answer to a lot of these questions is that I'm going to do nothing.  We already got enough laws and programs on the books to deal with these things so why create more?  See if you can come up with a way for me to say that without actually saying that I'm going to do nothing."

This of course was many years before Jerry Seinfeld made a T-V show about doing nothing:

Then again, Hippocrates had thought this out many moons ago when he noted:

Is this not the very best song about doing nothing?

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