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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

BA at Wolf Trap

BA In Concert Playing While Video Screen Behind Him Shows Audience With Cell Phones Aglow
Mike Raley and I attended Bryan Adams' concert at Wolf Trap this past Sunday evening and it was a first rate affair.  Adams played for over 2 hours and covered all of his greatest hits with a very entertaining, fun show complete with a video collage, a light show and lots of audience interplay.  (Maybe a little too much interplay which I will get to later.)

I was always a semi-fan of BA when early on in his career he rocked.  Songs like  Summer of 69, Run to You, Cuts Like a Knife are right up there with my favorite favorites.  However, as he shifted into the power ballad stuff like Please Forgive Me, Everything I Do, I'm In Heaven etc. I got to the point where I could take or leave him with a lean to the latter.   

However, in his live performances  he mixes it up nicely enough to keep the place rocking while covering all his musical bases.  It was a great and very entertaining show and I would definitely go see him again.

As for the audience interplay, Bryan encouraged a lot of sing along stuff to the point where he would stop and let the audience sing parts of the tune.  Whenever musicians do this at a concert, it always brings out the Buzzy in me as I want to shout "Hey Superstar, I paid good money to hear YOU sing these songs, not some boozed up babe standing behind me who can't sing and sounds like a cat in heat."  (That actually happened Sunday night when BA did Straight From the Heart and the audience stood up, waved their arms and sang the refrain.  Some gal camped out in the walkway behind me and caterwauled her way through the entire song.  Talk about cutting like a knife.  Fortunately, she moved on after the song was over and thereby saved me from making a Ridge-boy scene by slugging her.)

The other audience interplay that BA encouraged had to do with cell phone usage as I noticed dozens of folks filming and taking photos of him and the band throughout the show.  Bryan actually urged folks on and even instructed them at one point to hold their phones up and turn on the lights (photo above.)

Here too is a video from the show that someone filmed and has already posted on YouTube.

Following the show, I asked one of the ushers if they now allowed cell phones to be used and he said that it all depends on the artist. He went onto say that when the artist doesn't want it, he becomes the cell phone police and has to monitor the crowd and then go down and reprimand them when they do try to use the cell phone. I said something to the effect that I bet he doesn't like that and he said "Naw, I kind of enjoy being a bad ass and telling them they can't do it." To each his own I guess.

Bryan did a 20 minute encore which included this great cover of a song made famous by Bobby Fuller.  (Fuller died under mysterious circumstances with explanations ranging from suicide to involvement with some Mafia woman (click here.)

Couldn't find a live version I Fought the Law from Wolf Trap but did locate this one from an earlier appearance of BA in New Zealand:

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