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Thursday, July 19, 2018

There IS Hope

I was at Buzzy's Country Store listening to our Idiot in Chief on T-V trying to explain his latest unexplainable act - Elect a Clown and Don't Be Surprised When You Get a Circus - and I noticed that the 5 x 7 envelope I had just received in the mail was a little bulky.  Not recognizing the name of the sender nor his return address on the envelope, I very curiously and slowly opened the package to find the following enclosed:

Here's a close up of Lily and Jazzy posing on the porch.
I had long forgotten about "loaning" Josh and his family the pliers but it was very nice of him to return them as he did along with the note and photo.  It reaffirmed my faith in humanity right at a moment when I was seriously doubting it.
Someone Say OxyMORON?
This was the Beatles first song they wrote that wasn't about romance nor love.  Recorded over 52 years ago and still great today.

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