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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ray's Guest Finds Buzzy's

I had a nice conversation with my buddy Ray Raley yesterday who told me this Buzzy's Country Store story.

Ray and his wife Mary are participants in Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) similar to what Peggy Binzel is also doing at Scotland Yards.  Ray and Mary have a very nice rental on St. Jerome's Creek (click here for an overview of the property.)

Ray told me that after one of his recent guests had just checked in, he asked where to go for a cold beer and to meet some local folks.  Ray told him to go to Buzzy's and gave him directions.

Ray noted that the guy returned later and thanked Ray for telling him about Buzzy's and how much he had enjoyed it.  He told Ray that he had no sooner made in the door to Buzzy's when he was asked by two people if he would like a beer.  He said he then made his way to the counter where a tall guy with a ball cap greeted and welcomed him to Buzzy's and made him feel right at home.

Ray concluded by telling me that his visitor said that Buzzy's was one of the friendliest places that he's ever visited and that he looked forward to going back for a return visit.

I thanked Ray for sending the fella to Buzzy's.

Toby, with some help from Sammy, seems in order:

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