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Friday, July 20, 2018

Polock and His Camper

Steve "Polock" Soroka called me the other day to tell me that he will be moving to Florida with his son.  He also informed me that he had given his camper to a relative who will be taking it away sometime in the future.  
All of this news made me a little sad because I will certainly miss Steve and his coming down as he has done thru the many years.  He has been a good friend to me and has helped me out whenever and wherever he could.  

Too, for a very long time, he was a loyal and devoted friend to Buzzy.  One day while we were chatting about days gone by, he laughed and told me "J. Scott, I could tell you some stories about your old man.  He was a player."  I told him "That's ok. Steve, there are some things I don't need to know."

These past few years Steve hasn't been making it down as much as he used to and still I found myself missing him when he and/or his running mate Dick weren't around.  (During our phone con Steve informed me that Dick has been in and out of the hospital lately dealing with a number of medical issues.)   

I am going to miss Steve a lot no doubt but I am probably going to miss seeing his camper parked at Buzzy's Country Store just as much if not more.  Request - please, no one call Polock and tell him "J. Scott just said on the Buzzyblog that he's gonna miss your camper more than he's gonna miss you."  Remember, I see Polock's camper every single day I pull into Buzzy's.  I then visit it up close several times a day emptying beer bottles into the dumpster adjacent to it.  Seeing Polock's camper as often as I do, reminds me of  the history behind it and the relationship between Polock and Buzzy.   These are good memories for which I am grateful.

Polock and his camper are a part of the Store that will always be there in some capacity even if they won't physically be present there anymore.   My best to Polock and his son with their move to the Sunshine State.  

As for the camper, I can't help but wonder if, after it gets relocated to wherever backyard or resting place that it's now going to reside at, it too will miss all of the excitement and churn at it's former home at Buzzy's Country Store.   Leads me to conclude that old campers never die, they just get parked somewhere else to fade away.

Don't know why I thought of this song to play for you other than perhaps the great line said at the 1:49 mark with the warning "Don't fall in love with the way things were, it'll ….." well, listen for yourself:

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