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Friday, July 27, 2018

Gone to the Dogs

I am not a big "Pet Person" but I do kind of like dogs.  Man's best friend and all that impresses me.  

So as we move into the dog days of summer, here are some dog-related items that have recently caught my eye.
The wife said "Here's $20 to get the dog a warm jacket.  If there is any money leftover, buy yourself some beer."
Myrtle 2010

President Bruno?
Joy and Tommy Bowes Entryway

From our recent Alaska trip, I shot this video of a dog training kennel.  We were aboard a tour boat that pulled up alongside this site and as you can hear, the trainers were miked up as they conducted a training session with the dogs:

This video isn't bad either:
And speaking of the dog days:
I will leave you with a Little Johnnie joke that may be the cleanest Little Johnnie joke ever told: 
Teacher: "Little Johnnie, your essay on My Dog reads exactly the same as your sister's essay." 
Little Johnnie: "That's because it's the same dog." 

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