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Sunday, July 29, 2018

From Larry to Don Jr.?

As soon as I read the above headline in the Washington Post story I said to myself - "That's got to be 35X" because I too hate that gate."  Sure enough it was 35X where they have you queue up to catch a bus that then takes you out to board the plane.  As airline travel goes, it's a royal pain in the butt. 

However, it was a couple of photo's accompanying the article that really caught my attention:

Don Jr. Standing in Line
I didn't think twice about the above photo and the dude standing behind Don Jr. until I saw this second photo that identified the guy as his Secret Service agent.

Seeing the agent sent me to my "Larry Hogan Visits Buzzy's File" to dig out this signed photo sent to me from Governor Hogan documenting the event:

Governor Hogan, His Wife Yumi and Daughter Jamie Along With Yours Truly.  

But, check out that dude above Yumi and see if he isn't the same agent now assigned to Don Jr..  Sure does look like him wouldn't you say?  Same look, same outfit to include same lapel pin and same features all lead me to conclude that it is him.  My only question is - did he get promoted from Governor Hogan's detail or demoted to now having to watch over Don Jr.?

I know it was a so-so movie, but I still kind of liked Bodyguard even if it was on the cheesy side:

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