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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Bryant's Store

A bleary day forecasted, so I wlll do a bleary post.  

As you know, most of my Country Store Stories here on the Buzzyblog are fun and upbeat, or at least I try to keep them that way.  The time one spends in a country store is supposed to be fun time right?   

But as with all things good, there is always some bad to go along with that good.  Today's country store-related subject matter concerns an unfortunate incident that began in a country store but ended up in the infamous murder of a young black teenager Emmet Til.
The case is back in the news because the Justice Department has recently reopened it (click here.)

The country store where the incident occurred was Bryant's Grocery Store in Money, Mississippi. 
Today, what used to be Bryant's is now a decrepit mess:
Music-wise, Bryant's Store is located a little ways down the road from Robert Johnson's famed Crossroads where he made his pact with the devil.  Money, Mississippi is also the home of the Tallahatchie Bridge that Bobbie Jo Gentry made famous when she and Billy Joe McAllister were seen threw something off of it.  (Til's body was found in the Tallahatchie River.)

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