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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Black Wolf and Shotski's

Had some folks in Buzzy's Country Store yesterday who were here visiting for a reunion.  One of the visitors told me about his restaurant  The Black Wolf Supper Club in Eugene Oregon.  He then showed a video on his phone of some folks at The Black Wolf bar doing Shotski's.  The following is not the Black Wolf video but another one I found on YouTube.  It will give you some idea of what Shotski's are all about.

Proving once again that I need to get out more, this was my first encounter with the Shotski phenomena.  As I noodled around however, I learned that Shotski's have been around for some time now (click here.)  One vendor even markets his Shotski's with the motto - "Friends don't let friends drink alone."

If I thought that I could implement something like that at Buzzy's I would try doing so.  However, it looks like Shotski's involve a little too much organization and coordination to make it a go at Buzzy's where folks like their shots straightforward, quick and no b.s.  I think I'll hold off for now trying Shotski's at Buzzy's.

And speaking of drinking alone, have you gotten your tickets to see George at the Calvert Museum in a couple weeks?

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