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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Lois and Bob - Friendly People

Upbeat, quick to laugh and fun people to be around, Lois and Bob Williams are among my favorite visitors and friends who drop into Buzzy's Country Store.  Lois and her sister Roxann grew up in and around the Friendly Tavern that their Grandfather James R. Davis built in 1942.  Lois told me how her Granddad Davis and a Joe Spencer had come to the area from New York to work on the construction of the Navy Base.  Shortly afterwards they decided to build and open the Friendly Tavern in Great Mills.

Lois told me how during the course of a poker game that Mr. Spencer borrowed some money from her Granddad and that was how he (Granddad) ended up a sole proprietor.  Obviously, Mr. Spencer did not win that night and hence couldn't repay the loan.   Found this photo on Lois' FB page.
Lois Serving Up Drinks for Carol Dyson, Lenny Mayor, David Adams and ?
It was at the Friendly that Lois met her husband-to-be Bob who noted that he had been stationed at Pax River for 2 years before he made it to Great Mills.  He said "There were so many bars in downtown Lexington Park I never made it past there."  In 1963 the Friendly was expanded to accommodate Lois and Bob's wedding reception.

Eventually Lois' sister Roxann and husband Arthur Pilkerton  became owners of the Friendly and ran it until 2010.  Here is a little post I did on it back then.
Today at Buzzy's Country Store Lois and Bob will be hosting a Saran Wrap Ball game.  For those of you who like me who are not familiar with it, Bob said "It won't hurt you, cost you anything and it's a lot of fun."

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