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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

In recognition of today being for lovers, check out the St. Mary's County Tourism website with its section titled "Romantic St. Mary's."  It features photos of several locales where weddings can be hosted.  Several of these locations are in South County.
As seen in the Dove pic (above) the challenge for the wedding photographer at scenic locations like these is to weave the background into the photo such that it does not distract from the bride and groom you want to be front and center.  While the Dove shot may be a bit too busy, it's still a great photo with a great background. 

Here is another, less busy background that does a nice job showcasing the couple in front of the Statehouse at St. Mary's City.  (Photo is unattributed so I don't know who took it.)
The latest South County location for getting away and even hosting weddings is Bart's place which his family has named Rita's House after Mom Rita Mettam.
Vacation/love song for you.  Happy VD!  (Maybe I should have written that out.)

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