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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Frank Talk

Francis Goddard yesterday and Francis Sinatra today, where else do you get such variety?

Today's Francis take is one for the "Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks" file.  From previous posts you know that I don't particularly care for anything Frank Sinatra-related other than his daughter Nancy.  However, I've had a thawing of sorts recently.

You see, whenever my Mom visits me at Buzzy's Country Store I switch the radio channel to the Frank Channel because I know she enjoys it.  And as I have listened along, believe or not, I have actually heard some Frank tunes that I too enjoy.  

So, to all you Frank fans who have questioned my disliking him, I say bear with me and I may yet come to appreciate the full genius of Ole Blue Eyes.   It could take awhile, but I may just get there yet.

Here's a great Frank story involving Dennis Miller and his mother.

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