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Thursday, February 1, 2018

February Birthdays

Those of us born under the Aquarius sign recognize the following description of how we view friends:
Buzzy February birthdays include Tommy Cullison and Roy Norris on the 4th, Lisa Mercure the 5th, Jennifer Adkins the 6th, Linda Lepper the 10th, Martin "Mole" Morris the 11th, Rachel Miller who turns 21 on the 12th, Cheryl Krumpke the 14th, Cousin Lorraine Teefey the 17th, Chris McKay and my nephew JC Hofmeister the 19th,  Pat Stover the 20th,my Father-in-law Sol Aroesty on the 21st, and my nephew Stephen Taylor on the 27th.

Abe and I will be celebrating our birthdays on the 12th of this month but just as Buzzy used to do, I have arranged it such that I won't be here.  I will be visiting my Daughter Ryan in Hawaii where we will celebrate accordingly.   I promise to buy you my b'day drink when I return on the 17th. 

Although considered a "Southern" song, Dixie was supposedly Lincoln's favorite song.  Although there is some controversy about the songs' authorship, it is generally attributed to one Daniel Emmett who was a Northerner from Ohio.  He performed as a member of a blackface group that introduced the travelling minstrel shows.  Reportedly, he was not too happy that Dixie became such an anthem for the South.  Come on Emmett, like Bob said "You don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing."

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