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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Post About Doing a Post

Folks will ask me where and how do I get enough material to do a daily blog like this.  (The query is usually posed along the lines "How do you come up with all that b.s.?")  I joke that I get all my material from people and events at Buzzy's Country Store. 

However, that's only partially true.  As you are aware, I do a lot of sports and music also.  But
my first preferences for the blog are Buzzy's Country Store items specifically or anything to do with country stores in general. 

However, if nothing is happening country store, music nor sports-wise, I then have the old defaults that I can always discuss such as the weather, politics and religion. There is always something rumbling around in any of those areas.  Politically, the Donald, idiot that he is, serves as a useful gold mine (toilet bowl?) for any daily publisher.  All you have to do is insert a photo of him saying something stupid and you're done.
"And Mexico Is Going to Pay For It!"
If I am really stuck on any given day I will pulse This Day in History and nick something from there.  Other days I will see what's happening around the County and comment on that or try to publicize the event accordingly.  For instance, awhile back my Sister Donna Jean asked me to publicize some event that St. Michael's School was having and I did so.  She informed that they had a meeting a day or two later and the guy in charge of publicity noted that he had had all kinds of hits on their website and didn't know why it happened on that particular day.  Donna informed him that it coincided with the day that I put their event on the Buzzyblog.

And if all of the above somehow fail to provide me with anything to say on any given day, I will do some navel gazing like I just did here.  Apologies.

Speaking of this day in history, the Beatles arrived in NY City on this date in 1964.  Two days later they performed on the Ed Sullivan Show.  

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