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Monday, January 8, 2018

What's In a Name?

Trump's designation of Mr. Bannon as "Sloppy Steve" reminded me of a course I attended where the instructor asked us to introduce ourselves and use an alliterative description along with our first name.  When it was my turn I offered up "Just J" and explained that I did not go by my full first name of Joseph but "Just" J instead.

Following our intro's, the instructor then noted that many times the choice of the alliterative adjective would also tell something about the person.  He then used me as an example by saying "For instance, J here noted that his Just J explained why he doesn't use Joseph as his name but it could also imply that he is an unassuming kind of person who values honesty and fairness in his dealings with people."
Thought he kind of nailed me with that.

As for our Quick-to-Nickname-People President, he may want to slow his roll because there are a lot of D adjectives out there to help describe him.

Daffy Don
Dangerous Don
Dark Don
Dismaying Don
Disloyal Don
Downer Don
Deadly Don
Defunct Don
Dunce Don
Deformed Don
Demagogic Don
Deceptive Don
Demonic Don
Derogatory Don
Dipshit Don
Deceitful Don
Defenseless Don
Damaged Don
Defensive Don
Delirious Don
Discourteous Don
Dense Don
Deaf Don
Decadent Don
Deficient Don
Delinquent Don
Deviant Don
Defective Don
Dreadful Don
Disturbing Don
Ditzy Don
Disgusting Don
Diarrhea Don
Dank Don
Depressing Don
Dismal Don
Dumbass Don
Deplorable Don (he may actually consider this one to be a compliment to him) 
Disaster Don
Deranged Don
Disorderly Don
Dim Don
Disgraceful Don
Desperate Don
Devoid Don
Disruptive Don
Diabolical Don
Detrimental Don
Disinterested Don
Discord Don
Dirty Don
Dysfunctional Don
Dictatorial Don
Dizzy Don
Doltish Don
Dire Don
Disdainful Don
Difficult Don
Dull Don
Disturbed Don
Dour Don
Disagreeable Don
Dummy Don

From a musical family, these two brothers started off playing on their Dad's radio show as Little Donnie and Baby Boy Phil (click here.)  We would eventually know them as the Everly Brothers.

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