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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Second Greatest Showman?

The movie musical bio of P.T. Barnum is titled The Greatest Showman and although I have not yet seen it, my Number 1 movie critic Daughter Reagan says it is very good and worth checking out. 

Phineas Taylor Barnum was born and grew up in Connecticut where his father Philo ran a general store.  Barnum himself would become a storekeeper in his early 20's until he sold his store and moved to New York City to enter the entertainment business. 

While the movie tends to focus on his successes and rise to become The Greatest Showman, check out this article that discusses some of what the movie omitted about P.T. and his storied career (click here.)  As with most famous people, there are always warts and negativities about them that factor into their makeup.  That P.T. was a very complex and driven individual, it's easy to see how such a large personality could have been all over the map. 

Given that P.T. was a successful developer and entertainer who then went into politics reminds one of another, more modern day showman and huckster.  Like P.T. before him, the Trumpster correctly figured it out that if you are an entertaining salesman, the American people will buy what you are selling.   Well, let's just say that most of the American people will buy what you are selling.  (Please note that it was NOT Barnum who said there is a sucker born every minute.)

Here is the movie's trailer:

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