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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Raley Two

Last week Ray Raley on the front page, and this week Judy on the front page of the County Times.  The Raley Furniture Store was recently sold.  Article in the County Times does a nice job discussing how Bill Raley began the business in the 50's and how it has survived all these years.

For the complete article (click here and page over to Pg 12-13.)

Sent me to the old photo album where I found these photos documenting a 1954 road trip that Bill and Judy made along with my folks to New York City.  Mom told me a funny story about them almost running out of gas because Buzzy did not want to stop if the gas station was not on his side of the road.  She said that as they approached the city, there were no gas stations on their side of the road and that their gas gauge was on Empty.  She said that they made it but only because Buzzy finally located a gas station on his side of the road.

The following photos were taken at the motel they stayed at somewhere in New York.
Jean and Judy

Thanks to that Honda car commercial, this song has been rolling around in my head recently.

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