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Friday, January 26, 2018

Morgan Freeman

Academy Award nominees for Best Movie included the movie Pam is still pissed at me for making her see Get Out (click here for my previous post on it.)  Not only was Get Out nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Movie category but also its lead Daniel Kaluuya was nominated as Best Actor for his performance in Get Out. 

As for my favorite movie actors Clint is Numero Uno, and Jack is of course Jack.  Tom Hanks is also can't miss for me and I'll watch just about anything that Denzel is in.  So I'm there with all of the one name biggies. (Guilty pleasure confession, Kevin Costner is up there too if for no other reason than all those baseball movies he has done.)

However, when I think about favorite movie actors,  Morgan Freeman may just be my current favorite actor.  No matter what he has done, I've always enjoyed watching him.  

I caught Morgan receiving a Life Achievement Award at the SAG Awards the other night and again realized what a class act he is.  Check out his great response to this interviewer.

As for a Morgan Freeman-related song, I am a bit embarrassed here. I went looking for a tune that I thought he had performed and acted in the movie Black Snake Moan. Turns out that I got my black actors mixed up as it wasn't Morgan but Samuel Jackson I was thinking about. Please no jokes about they all look alike.  Warning - this tune is not in the PG nook of ratings.

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