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Friday, January 5, 2018

MC? (Mostly Confusing)

Watching Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel, I saw where he was broadcasting from Rockport, MA.  My first thought was that he was up in Maine.  However, the more I thought about it, I figured that MA must be Massachusetts and that ME was Maine but I wasn't real sure. 

Turns out that the M states were the most challenging for the Postal folks when they laid out their abbreviation system in 1963 (click here.)  Before you click on the link, here are all of the M States for you to see if you know their correct state abbreviations.
The 1963 Postal system included Washington, D.C. and all of the U.S. territories.  This explains why Virginia became VA vs. VI.  (VI is the abbreviation for the Virgin Islands.) 

The only update/change to the original 1963 Postal abbreviations occurred in 1969 when Canada requested  that we change Nebraska from NB to NE.  NB was getting confused with their New Brunswick.

MC5 hailed from Detroit (Motor City get it?) and Kicked Out the Jams with a brief but historic run as one of America's hardest rocking bands.  (I used to have a copy of that first album of theirs'.  However, somewhere along life's highway it got left at a rest stop.)

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