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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Idiot in Chief?

I mentioned previously that some of the Left Wing criticism of President Trump may have been a little too harsh (click here.)  Instead of listening to the folks on the Left though, maybe we should just focus on what his own folks have to say about him. 

For instance this from Trump's own Secretary of State:
On the other hand,  it does seem like wrt Trump, the word idiot gets mentioned a lot.  Just Google "Trump + Idiot" and you will see over 14 million entries.  I don't know the split between Dems and Repubs on these entries but here are a few comments from Republicans that we know.  (Again, bear in mind that these are comments from folks who personally know the Trumpster and deal with him a lot.)

 There is this assessment from Mr. Fox News himself:

Then there is this from a former adviser to the President:
His National Security Adviser had this assessment of him:
You can even buy pajamas saying it:
I am not saying that our President is an idiot, but a lot of his very own people sure are.

Dylan's Idiot Wind is the obvious song to be played here but that was really about his ex-wife and more of an angry put down of her. 

How about something more fun such as this from Axl and the boys:

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