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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Holy Virgin Islands

OK, following up on yesterday's review of States' abbreviations, and in keeping with your old school teachers' maintaining that there are no dumb questions - just how did those Virgin Islands get such a name?  Seems that our boy Columbus laid that on them when he was trying to find India. 

First though, let's see just where all these Virgins are.  Note below that there are two groups of Virgins - U.S. and British.  Note too that there are literally thousands of them and this is evidently what inspired Columbus to name them accordingly.
When Columbus discovered that there were so many islands, it reminded him of St. Ursula as follows:

If all of that Columbus explanation sounds a bit unbelievable, then check out St. Ursula's story and how she sailed with 11,000 holy virgins to meet up with her husband-to-be  (click here.)

As to a more practical explanation of how Columbus came up with the Virgins' name, this is probably more accurate:

How did the Virgin Islands Get Their Name?

Columbus named them; it is said that the many islands reminded him of the 11,000 virgins of St Ursula. Some have suggested that he must have been at sea for a very long time.  
From Answer.com click here.

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