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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Holy Face Church

Back in my wedding photography days I visited just about every church in the county.  Now, it seems that I am in and out of these churches to attend funerals.  (Reminds me of the old joke - What's the difference between a wedding and a funeral?  You can smell your own flowers at the wedding.)

One of my favorite churches has always been Holy Face Church in Great Mills.  That I learned about its origins in a country store makes it even more of a favorite.

From the outside Holy Face is fairly unassuming and nothing special.  However, that's a little bit of its charm because once you enter Holy Face, you find that inside it is very pleasant and beautiful.  

It is deceptively huge inside but also very warm and welcoming.  You can actually feel the presence of the Lord.  (You know what song I've got in mind for you later.)

Inside too you can see just what an architectural feat it was to have built Holy Face in 1940.  The massive oak beams that span and support the ceiling are such that you find yourself  wondering how they got them in there and positioned like they are.  The stained glass windows are nicely done and help provide lots of light to offset the dark stained oak beams above.  

Paul Leibe wrote a good article in the Enterprise discussing the history of Holy Face parish  as they celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2004 (click here.Turns out that their beginnings involved an old country store as noted in this excerpt from Paul's article:
The parish grew such that they then built a church next door to the store.  In 1887 
This building is located adjacent Cecil's Store on Indian Bridge Road.  The current Church at the top of the hill in Great Mills was built in 1940.  

And as mentioned above here is Blind Faith:

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