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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Call Forwarning

Today in History back in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced Apple's iPhone.  Check any listings of the top inventions/innovations in the last 50 years and cell phone technology will be at or near the top of the list (click here.)

In the movie Lady Bird a comment about cell phones rang true when a character explained why he did not have a cell phone. He observed that our Government has longed wanted to have a way to track our every move and now with the cell phone they have finally achieved their goal.

I always think of this point whenever I hear someone in Buzzy's Country Store complain about government invasion of their privacy.  (It usually has something to do with registering their guns but that's another issue entirely.)  These same folks who won't return a census form nevertheless continue to use their cell phones without a thought that their every action is being monitored somewhere somehow by someone.

Reminded me of this scene from Enemy of State.  (Gene Hackman was the greatest wasn't he?)

I'll conclude with a dumb blonde joke:

Why won't blondes take their iPhones to the bathroom?
Because they don't want to give away their IP address.

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