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Friday, January 12, 2018

Bonus Kids

I am currently reading Hillbilly Elegy written by J.D. Vance (For a good synopsis/review of the book (click here.)

At the beginning of one chapter, Vance discusses his brothers and sisters as follows:

I had a biological half brother and half sister whom I never saw because my biological father had given me up for adoption.  I had many stepbrothers and step sisters by one measure, but only two if you limited the tally to only the offspring of my Mom's husband of the moment.  Then there was my biological dad's wife, and she had one kid so maybe I should count him, too.  Sometimes I would wax philosophical about the meaning of the word "sibling":  Are the children of your mom's previous husband still related to you?  If so,what about the future children of your mom's previous husbands?  By some metrics, I probably had about a dozen stepsiblings.

My step family meanderings are nowhere near as complicated as are Vance's.  Having only been married twice, I am blessed with two "bonus" kids Shaun and Jennifer. 

As for Grandchildren, I am doubly blessed because Emma Peterson counts as one of my 4 grandkids along with Shawn, Lily and Blaise. 

All of which leads me to note that today Emma celebrates her 11th birthday.  Happy Birthday Emma!

Emma and Her Mom Stephanie

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