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Saturday, December 30, 2017

You Should Be Dancing

In Prague I caught the Frank Gehry-designed dancing building shown here.
Known as the Dancing House of Ginger and Fred it was completed in the 1990's amid some controversy about how it did or did not fit in with the buildings in the surrounding neighborhood.  That said, every time we went by it, our tour guides would be sure to say something about it.

If parts of this video appear to you to be a little risqué that's because you have a dirty mind.  After all it's only 2 buildings dancing.

This joke comes to mind.  Why do Baptists not believe in having sex while standing up? They are afraid that it might lead to dancing.

Since I mentioned this in the title and because I have been neglectful in making any note of Saturday Night Fever's 40th Anniversary (December 14,1977) check this video out.

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