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Friday, August 11, 2017

Davis General Store

Brady and I did manage to visit the Davis General Store located in Croft, North Carolina. Here is a photo of me on - where else - the Store's front porch.
Inside we met Silas Davis the grandson of the store's co-founder Silas W. Davis.
In the store was a collection of just about everything under the sun.  Crowded and cluttered with items, the Store featured many of the same old time items that I recall Buzzy once carrying in our Store.  I took this photo from upstairs to give you some idea of just how much inventory is scattered about the Davis General Store.
This write up from their website gives some more info on various items in the store.
One sign that caught my eye made me smile at the irony of it on display in Davis' store because Nathan Shuman started Buzzy's Country Store in 1897.

Brady and I arrived around 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday and I knew from looking at the website that the store closed at noon.  Because I knew that Silas was trying to close up and get out of there, we fast tracked our visit.  Before leaving however, we bought a couple items and Silas gave us one of his calendars.
Silas also informed us that the Cinemax T-V show Banshee had used the store to film some its scenes there.  I wasn't able to locate any videos from Banshee showing the store but did find this article discussing the filming of the show in the Charlotte area (click here.)  Too, I found this clip from Banshee that reminded me of the corn field pun "I was all ears."  Ok, all eyes that is.

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