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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Charlotte - Queen City

Someone asked me how I liked Charlotte and noted that I went on so much about the Davis General Store that I didn't really give Charlotte any love. My bad.

Bottom line, I thought that Charlotte was a very nice place.  As cities go, it was just bustling and big enough to be enjoyable without being too over bearing. Too, it had a sleepy sort of southern charm about it that I liked.  If I absolutely had to live in a city, Charlotte might be one that I could do.

Charlotte's history  has it developing from the intersection of two Indian trading paths.  Today that intersection is known as Independence Square in downtown Charlotte.  Independence Square is so named because the citizens of Charlotte first declared their independence from Britain a year before the rest of the colonies did so with their Declaration of Independence.
Charlotte was named after the German Queen Charlotte thereby earning it the nickname the Queen City.  It has a second nickname, the Hornets Nest, that explains the name of their NBA team - the Charlotte Hornets.  During the Revolutionary War, a British General, after being chased out of Charlotte, dubbed it a hornets' nest of rebellion.  

Today it is the largest city in North Carolina and the 17th largest in the united States.  However, driving and walking around the city you don't get the sense that it is all that big. 

Back when I was taking wedding photographs, somewhere near the end of the reception when everyone was good and drunk, one of the drunken groomsmen would stumble up to the DJ and dedicate this Queen song to the groom. It was always good for a laugh even if the song has nothing to do with someone getting married.

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