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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Anniversary Party Photos

As promised, some photos from Sunday's party:

Bushmill Band (L-R) Greg Penk, Ted Yeatman, John Garner, Anniejean Di Donato and Randy Stillwell

Not the Buzzy Car Show But Cars On Display Anyway

Poogie and Stacy and Friends 

My Mom Being Escorted in By Lily

My 3 Month Old Grandson Blaise Not Sure About All the Surrounding Hoopla

Me and Robby (Look Closely at Picture to the Right - I'm on the Left and Robby's Right Just Like Above) Photo by Shea

Shea Making a Point to Bobby Wright - I Think. Joan, Cheryl, Melissa and Wade in Back. Emma and Lily in Front.

Lily Watching Reagan Holding Blaise; Caitie Thankful for the Break

Gene and Jim in the Elva
Again, my thanks to all who came down and shared in the fun.  Usually, these Buzzy events like this tend to stress me out some because I over worry about things.  But this one Sunday, I actually enjoyed and had a pretty good time at, so thank all of you for making that so.  Having family and good friends partying with you will do that!

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