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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wanna Go Home

Mom and Reagan Christmas 2016
My Mom is home and for the moment the world is right.  For the past 2 weeks since she went into the hospital and then the nursing home, her mantra has been "I just want to go home."  Well, home it is as yesterday she was discharged from Chesapeake Shores and is now BTR (back to Ridge.) 

Donna and I picked her up in the morning and got her situated back in her home shortly afterwards.  Mom was content and maybe even happy for the first time since her fall.  Jo Jo and Pat came to visit her and we all had some chicken soup that Lila had simmering in the crock pot.  (Whoever invented the crock pot (Irving Naxon) needs to be recognized more because that's one great device is it not?)

I was looking for some old country music song where "I wanna go home" is sung over and over (click here) when I stumbled upon this Johnny Cash cover that surprised me.  I'm not the biggest JC fan but this isn't bad.  I may even play it later for Mom.

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