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Friday, March 10, 2017

Dog or Pear?

As I travel to and from Ridge on a daily basis it's always nice at this time of year to scan the tress, shrubs and flowers as they start to bloom.  Yesterday, I found myself checking out all of the blooming trees and it dawned on me that I couldn't differentiate a Bradford Pear tree from a Dogwood tree. 

Home, I asked my wife Pam what the difference was and she immediately replied "Bradfords look like a pear and grow up; dogwoods are shorter and grow out.  Bradfords are bigger and taller.  Dogwoods shorter and wide.  Plus their leaves are different."

After doing that internet search on the difference between the two trees, I learned that Pam had pretty much nailed it.  Check out this discussion  (click here.)
Van knew all about the beauty of a tree.  (Do wonder if he could tell a Redwood from a Sequoia though (click here.))

This is on my path to and from home. Free drink to those of you can say where it is. Clue - it's on 235.

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