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Monday, March 13, 2017

Buzzycare - Pt. 1

OK, it took my Republican friends several years to come up with a half-assed healthcare plan (the Affordable Hair Act?) so I figured why not take several minutes here and propose the Buzzy Health Care plan. 

First off, the Buzzycare Plan is a lesson in keeping things simple.  However, Buzzycare doesn't have anything simplicity-wise when it comes to the plan that was rolled out last week by the Republicans.  Paul Ryan sums it up here it in a nutshell - with key emphasis on the words NUTS and HELL:

Jokes aside, I submit then the Buzzycare plan for your consideration:  

Number one, implement universal, single-payer health care.  This is the simplest, easiest solution there is but one that surprisingly only President Trump on the right has been unafraid to endorse.  It's time has come.

Trump says a lot and it's tough to tell what he does and doesn't believe in, but it is a given that the primary way to affect healthcare costs is to get the insurance boys out of the middle of the process.  As long as insurance interests are steering the ship, health care will always be about the Benjamin's and not about the quality of healthcare. 

Single payer means that the insurance boys will go away except for your secondary coverage as they do now for those on Medicare.  Get the insurance parasites out of the system, and costs will immediately go down and go down substantially.  (For more info on single payer click here.) 

Secondly, as Trump has also suggested, have the Government hold the pharmaceutical industry more responsible for their costs.  Single payer will give the Government even more leverage in negotiating those deals with the drug industry folks.  That alone would help reduce costs considerably.  Re:  all those costly T-V ads that the industry currently throws at you to "ask your doctor about...." who do you think is paying for them?  You are every time you buy a product or a prescription of theirs.

Third in the Buzzycare plan, either scale back or get rid of completely all of the duplicative VA hospitals.  Allow all Veterans free healthcare and let them go to any hospital or health care provider of their choice.  (A move in this direction has begun recently with the 2014 Veterans Choice Program  allowing veterans to seek treatment within their community (click here.)  Ironically however, some Veterans groups oppose this trend because they think it is weakening the VA healthcare system currently in place (click here.)  I know it sounds counter intuitive to say "Improve VA care by getting rid of the VA hospitals" but why have duplicate and very costly healthcare systems if one would suffice?)

So there you have it - the simplified Buzzy Healthcare Plan.  Of course you could always go back to Buzzy's solution for any problem which was "Drink, drink, drink."

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