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Friday, February 10, 2017

Social Security

Turning 66, I decided to go ahead and sign up for Social Security now versus waiting until I hit 70. (I was going to wait, but I figured I'd better get what I can while I can.)

I applied for Social Security on line a couple months ago and shortly afterwards received a call from one of their reps.  Since my birthday is 12 February and the application asked what month I wanted the payments to begin, I had entered March.  The lady who called informed me that I was eligible the first of February and asked if it was ok if she amended my application to reflect that benefits begin the first of February.  Of course I agreed.  Regardless when your birthday falls in the month you can receive payments for that month.  I appreciate the lady calling and informing me of that even though it did cross my mind "Why do they even have to ask if it's ok?  Does anyone ever say no?"

So, as I await my first Social Security payment, I am reminded of this note that I found somewhere about Col. Sanders:

Good little song from Tracy covering the life span:

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