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Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Presidents' Day!

Here is a quasi-Presidential post for you.

On my recent cruise I read the historical novel Dead Wake which described the Germans' sinking of the cruise ship The Lusitania in 1915.  Granted it was not exactly the topic you want to read about while on a cruise ship, but my sister Donna Jean had passed it along to me and told me that it was a much better read than it sounded.   I learned that she was right on as once I started reading it, I was hooked.

A sub plot in the book involved President Woodrow Wilson who had just lost his wife to Bright's disease a kidney-related illness.  After his wife's death, Wilson went into  prolonged period of grief as Germany began its World War I activities.  His grief however, ended when he met and fell madly in love with Edith Galt.

The book then details how Wilson pursued Edith who at first rebuffed him.  Eventually though he persuaded her to marry him.  (Edith would ultimately play a huge role in Wilson's later years as President as seen here:)

If you are interested in learning more about Dead Wake here is a short summary:

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