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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cuba Someday - Maybe

Here is snap shot of where our cruise took us these past couple weeks:  Fort Lauderdale to Aruba, Curacao, Panama, Costa Rico and back to Ft. Lauderdle.
We were just off the coast of Havana when I took this photo but we did not stop in Cuba.

It reminded me of Buzzy years ago discussing going to Cuba in the mid-90's after President Clinton loosened up travel restrictions on Cuba visits.

I remember asking Buzzy, "Why would you want to go to Cuba?" He replied "Never been there so why not?" I couldn't argue with that logic. However, when he looked into  Smithsonian-sponsored trip,  Buzzy called me at work and said "Damn it's going to run us $4500 each and all you see is Havana.  We can take two or three trips for that kind of money."  I agreed with him and secretly was relieved that he no longer wanted to go because I wasn't wild bout going even if it was a good deal to do so..

 Even now it's an expensive proposition:

I'll wait until it becomes  a port stop for one of the cruise ships.

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