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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Urine Trouble? We're All in Trouble!

One week and one day until T Day.  Something tells me that we are in for a wild 4 years.  Nothing for sure mind you, just a feeling.
I tried watching his press conference yesterday and got about 30 minutes in before cutting and running.  Not only does his whole I-me-my-act wear thin with me but also his press bashing, con game b.s. and Russia fixations tend to get on my nerves. Am I the only one who is sick of hearing all things Putin and Russia 24/7?  Can't we move on?

As for Trump's continued media bashing and feuding with them, I recall another Buzzyism "You will never get ahead of someone as long as you are kicking them in the ass." 

The only thing I'll give our President Elect is that it won't be a boring 4 years with him around.  Hope I can take it.

This song was ruined by you know who but still is a great tune.

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